The Custom process is very fun and exciting to create exactly what you want. However, if you have never been through it, it can be kind of scary not knowing how the process works. Hopefully these testimonials will give you a feel and answer any questions you may have had about doing a custom design with Shimmering Carbon.


Working with Emily of Shimmering Carbon was one of the delightful quests of our wedding story.

It started with a search for a vintage engagement ring. After looking locally and on a trip to Boston, we found and fell in love with a vintage Art Deco Ascher cut diamond engagement ring in an unplanned stop to a NYC Chelsea jewelry shop. But this created a new challenge - how to complement the vintage engagement ring with both bride’s and groom’s wedding bands. There are many vintage wedding bands out there, each alone were attractive, but it seemed impossible to find ones that worked with our engagement ring. That’s when we reached out to Emily, who my wife had met several years earlier and knew she could likely help us out. We met with Emily, showed her our vintage ring, other ring styles we liked, and talked about the challenge of designing rings to become a wedding set. We didn’t know anything about how custom jewelry is made. Working with Emily made it a joy. We emailed, met to talk about her services, we shared more ideas, Emily started sending sketches, we met again, and approved concept sketches for each ring. Within two weeks the concepts were made into wax forms and we met again to see these three-dimensional prototypes. They were great. We could try them on, see how the wedding and engagement bands would work together. We agreed they were ready to send for casting in platinum. We got pictures of the cast rings and a few days later Emily had finished the detail work. The bride’s wedding band could not have been a more perfect match. The detailed etching of the vintage ring is duplicated on the new wedding band. Where the engraving on the vintage engagement ring was slightly worn, Emily re-engraved it to bring out the original design. The curve, the segments, and the diamonds of the new wedding band aligned perfectly with the vintage band. Just wow. Our groom’s wedding band was a different challenge. It features a common design of Art Deco rings, the continuous wheat pattern, representing renewal of the seasons, of life, and of love. This wheat pattern was formed into both sides of the ring, but with a trapezoidal profile, tilting the wheated circle at an angle to be visible from both top and side viewpoints. The result is a simple, stunning, bold man’s ring.  Customizing jewelry with Emily at Shimmering Carbon is more than ‘ring shopping.’ It’s the fulfillment of a quest and the building of a relationship. Both made permanent in the distinct and beautiful wedding bands that symbolizes our union. One of a kind. Thanks greatly.
- Anne and Tim

We made our ceremony exactly what we wanted, from the vows we wrote to the music list we created. We wanted our rings to be special, too, serving as a reminder of our love. When we started talking to Emily, we knew she would work with us to create something exactly right.  We had collected photos and ideas of styles we liked to start as inspiration. She had more photos and samples to look at, and we talked about design and the practical sides of budget and timing.  Next, she created a wax model so we could get a sense of size and shape and tweak the design. We made the final choices of material and finish, and we were thrilled to get the beautifully packaged rings a couple weeks later, in plenty of time for the ceremony.  Throughout the process, Emily kept in touch so we knew what to expect, and the experience was straightforward and positive. We trusted Emily with the most important piece of jewelry in our lives, and she delivered. We get frequent compliments and we would highly recommend Emily for any project you are contemplating.

Karen and Jeryl


I have never considered "custom jewelry".  I always felt it would be easier and cheaper to buy from a store.  I also did not know of any jewelry designers and was not sure I would be able to connect with someone to get the design I wanted.  My husband had given me a diamond for our anniversary and I was looking for the perfect setting as I wanted this one to be my "forever ring".  I decided to try having a ring made for me,  "custom jewelry" after I was getting frustrated looking in jewelry stores for the right setting.  I could not find anything I really loved, or a style that looked like me.  I also got frustrated with sales people trying to sell me the "latest trend" which I was not interested in.  Because of these disappointing experiences, I ended up holding on to the diamond for almost 5 years!  It was at this time that I happened to see several ring and necklace designs by Emily Thelemann.  I was drawn to them as they were different from anything I had seen, and were all unique.  I knew immediately I had found my ring designer!  Emily and I initially met to talk about the type of ring I was looking for.  I also let her know that it was important to me to be involved in the process.  She was totally open to that and ended up allowing me to be as involved as I wanted to be which I really appreciated.  Emily knows the jewelry business and is so creative.  I asked her to share her insights so that I knew of the options that were available as I had never done anything like this before.  Overall, I really enjoyed my experience working with Emily Thelemann and learning more about what went in to creating my ring.  She listened to my ideas, was patient with my plans, and was passionate about creating a ring that I would be happy with.  She made the process easy.  Emily created a ring that is "me" and I LOVE IT!  I have had it almost two years and get comments all the time on how beautiful it is.  I truly got my "forever ring"  Since then I have purchased other jewelry designs from Emily and look forward to purchasing more in the future.  Each of her designs are unique and matches the style I want to wear.  I was so happy with my experience that I have connected other friends interested in jewelry to Emily as well.



Working with Emily was a delight!  I contacted her to help me remedy an issue I had with some purchased bracelets.  When I met Emily, I knew right away that I found the perfect person to create the pieces.  She offered several suggestions, all which I thought were awesome.  She then created not only a piece of jewelry but a beautiful piece of art.  What I appreciated most was her desire to listen to my needs, and really connect with what I was seeking.  I have since contacted her to redo a couple of heirloom pieces and always trust she will create something magical.  Emily is a most talented artist and a most genuine person.  She is a joy to work with.



After fostering my son Gage and moving towards setting the Adoption Day, which we had named his "Forever day", I had already started to think about what I wanted "us" to have to remember this day.  I am a person that has worn the same gold necklace with the same St. Christopher charm on it since high school.   I was thinking some sort of pendant, but I wanted it to be meaningful for both of us. I had come up with a rough design of a matching pendant for both Gage and I and when it came together it would create one heart.  This symbolizes my love for Gage and how he would become a permanent part of my heart and how it created unconditional love for him, something he has never had before.  After working with several jewelry stores, they just couldn't create what I wanted and would try to talk me into a different direction.  Besides that, when I found someone that would create the two pendants it was something I couldn't afford.  I reached out to Emily who I knew created jewelry and it was an instant connection.  I explained about Gage and what it was I was looking for and she was instantly on board with my idea.  She would offer opinions and advice, but didn't ever try to talk me out of what I really wanted.  In working with Emily, she created a draft drawing that we tweaked together and kept within a budget I could afford.  Since I live in Wisconsin, we worked via email and phone and she went out of her way to finish the piece in time for "Forever day" and personally delivered it to my mother who lives in the Minneapolis area.  She went above and beyond to create the pendants that represent the most important day in mine and Gage's life.  I would recommend Emily for any type of jewelry that you wanted created.  She made sure I was completely satisfied and has followed up with me to make sure the pieces were holding up as they should.



After becoming engaged, there was no doubt in our minds we would be seeking out Emily Thelemann from Shimmering Carbon for our rings.  We had some ideas as to what we wanted in the design however; we lacked the vision. We met with Emily several times in the beginning just so she could get some idea from us as to what we wanted in the materials such as white gold, which gemstones, etc.  We gave Emily some general ideas as to what we thought we might like and Emily ran with those ideas.  She came back to us with some amazing designs, we never could have put into words how we wanted them to look.  We were able to take ideas from each design and together create the perfect ring for us.  The rings were able to represent us, and made our wedding day even more special than it was.  We couldn't have ask for a better experience creating the rings that will last us a lifetime.  If you're looking for beautiful, unique designs, look no further than working with Emily at Shimmering Carbon.  You will not be disappointed.

Shannon and Kris


Before working with Emily, I had never had custom jewelry made.  Emily made it fun and patiently explained every step of the way.  She never rushed my decision making.  She offered creative ideas that I hadn't thought of, which made the rings even more unique and gorgeous.  The quality of the rings is excellent and they are one-of-a-kind!  I asked for a last minute change, and Emily didn't hesitate.  She told me the most important thing to her is that we loved the rings.  Do something different...design your wedding rings with Emily.  It is a great experience.

E and M


I approached Emily at Shimmering Carbon with an idea for a wedding band I thought would be perfect for my soon to be wife.  I had an example of a style that I liked, but I wanted something more personal and unique that couldn't simply be purchased in a store.  Emily made the changes I requested and created a beautiful wedding band, made especially for my wife.  Emily was professional, personable, and made this potential high-stress purchase extremely easy.  She is a very talented jeweler and I highly recommend her.



Emily helped me create a piece from a Druzy geode that I acquired in New Mexico, my home state.  I described what I wanted and she created a work of art!  The shape of the stone demanded special skills and precision, so she sent me multiple drawings.  Together, we decided on a concept that elevated the stone perfectly.  I loved Emily's design skills, creativity, clear communications, and professionalism.  My ring is a one-of-a-kind and I will always cherish the collaborative experience she gave me!



I hold Emily in the highest esteem, not only as a talented jeweler and artist, but an equally talented communicator, which is imperative when working to design something as important as you own wedding rings.  She took the time to gently guide us with questions that really helped us envision and articulate our ideas more clearly.  I honestly couldn't be more pleased with the outcome, and thank her every time we look at my ring.



My experience with Emily at Shimmering Carbon was stellar!  I had a general idea about the custom wedding ring that I wanted for my bride-to-be, but Emily provided me with advice and design help that I needed.  She made the entire process hastle-free and special.  She listened to my thoughts and was great about making changes to my drawings.  Every step of the way, I knew that her number one priority was creating a perfect, one of a kind piece for me, and she definitely did.



I commissioned a bracelet and had a gem stone reset by Shimmering Carbon.  Emily, the owner/artist listened to my needs, gave me expert ideas and options, each with a clear price quote.  The completed pieces were just as represented/quoted and on time - beautiful, sparkling, and ready to enjoy! I highly recommend Shimmering Carbon for your custom jewelry needs.



My husband and I designed my wedding ring and Emily made the ring of my dreams.  It turned out better than I imagined.  I wanted a one of a kind ring and that is what I got. I didn't see the finished product until my husband proposed and I was so impressed how Emily could take our ideas and sketches and turn them into a beautiful ring I pictured in my mind.             

Lara and Dave


I have worked with Emily to create a ring that was true to me, while I was holding nostalgia of my grandmothers rings.  Emily understood from the beginning what I was looking for and after meeting with me once, she nailed a design that I loved. My right hand ring is something I hold near and dear to my heart and get compliments on the ring every time I wear it.  Emily understands what is possible and makes your visions come true through her eye for creativity.